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We are currently on holiday in a rather splendid little summer house. There is a great feeling of luxury involved in sitting here stitching in front of a lovely sea view.

I took a new project with me for the sake of simplicity and also because the other one is so close to being finished.

This one is going to be a little fishing boat, which seems rather appropriate given the aforementioned sea view. It's a design by Permin and was featured in Cross Stitch  Collection magazine in May this year.

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Last time I posted here was back in April and I'd almost just started this project. It was designed by Lesley Teare and featured in Cross Stitch Collection magazine in... erm, spring 2015. I've been working on it consistently since then, which is kinda new for me. With previous projects I've always run into one or two longer breaks from it. Anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Sort of like a writer's block, only about stitching. Stitcher's block? Not really this time. Or at least, when it's happened, it's only lasted a week at most.

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Last time, I also showed a card I had made for some friends who were expecting a baby. Turns out my friends are apparently breeding like rabbits, so I've already stitched up the front of another card which will become relevant in... erm... I forgot. October or so, I think. The chart was freely available on the internet at Cross Stitch Pattern. The lovely thing about this particular one was that it said on it exactly how many stitches it involved. I used it for a little time-keeping experiment and worked out that apparently when I work concentratedly, I average about 100 stitches per hour. Of course, this was an easy, simple project with only a handful of colours and large areas of each colour. I expect I'm probably a lot slower on that tea cup.

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I've been working on this lately--especially since I found that if I bring it to work to play with on my free time, it gets me less hassle than if I read a book! Go figure. My coworkers are strange.

But either way, it's starting to look quite pretty.

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This is a kit called "Glamour Puss" but I changed the wording because it's a gift for my vet (the cat here bears a strong resemblance to my late cat that they took such care of):

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Yay done! I can stop complaining about backstitching for at least ten minutes. :)
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I wasn't actually going to post again so soon, but I've managed to finish so many things since my last post!

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Nothing quite like someone else posting an update to the comm to remind you just how long its been since you yourself posted an update!

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Wow, it's been a while since I posted anything! I've been busy, I guess... anyway.

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A card

Sep. 5th, 2015 03:57 pm
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Someone I know is in hospital and likely to be there for a while. It's serious, but curable. I thought I'd send her a card and then I got ambitious. I'm actually mighty pleased with the result in my own modest way.

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It's been a while since I posted any finished objects, largely because I've been doing a lot of knitting these past few months and what cross-stitching I've been doing has mostly been wee kits that I keep for travelling and none of them have actually got finished. But I have been working on something a bit bigger lately and I discovered I did have another couple of finished objects that I'd just never posted about.

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Sorry to doublepost, but it's been a while and though I've spent a lot of time lately knitting a Doctor Who scarf, so I don't have that much, I'd still like to put it up here anyway.
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I finally got another one done, huzzah!

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Also posted to my personal journal
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I totally forgot to post this here when I was finally done orz I actually finished this project a year ago.

I made a cross stitch pattern out of an image of Jason Todd (because I am a huge geek) and I was tired of working on a more "traditional" project for my mom.

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the finished product and the original image I used.

Click on pics to see them full-sized. Apologies for the crappy cell phone camera quality.
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Oh, sweet! I'm so happy I found a comm on DW... is this in any way related to the one on LJ? Either way, I guess I'll put my update post here, too.

Basically I didn't post my updates anywhere for a while so I sort of have a bunch of them piled up. Here we go...

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I did actually finish my duck in plenty of time for the silly season (a whole week, a record for me!) but then I forgot to make a post to show it off! Despite running out of two shades of blue and having to track down more - of course I found a skein of the pale blue when I was looking for something else entirely last week, but nevermind!

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I forgot to post last week so this week's installment is a day early to avoid forgetting again. Still making decent progress, I ran out of the pale blue just after I made the last post, but I got some more of that and finished off all of that colour, only to run out of the medium now I need to track that down, hopefully I'll be able to get to a craft store soon as we're really nearly there!

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So, there was yet another epic train journey for me last week, so I have more progress to show off on my duck! I decided to change things up for this journey and see if I could make some progress on the greens on my duck, which I did, but I also ran out of pale blue, so I'm now stuck on the greens until I get the chance to get to the store and pick up some more pale blue...

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So I went on a bit of an epic railway adventure last weekend, made more epic by train delays in both directions (11 hours on a train over the course of a weekend) but it did mean I got a lot of stitching done. Also, I was staying in a lovely but very sedate little b&b in a small out of season holiday town so while there was plenty to do during the day, there wasn't much to do in the evening except watch tv and stitch. I haven't actually made any progress on it since then...but I do have another epic train journey next weekend so I should make decent progress then too.

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A while back my gran gave me a pile of cross-stich kits that she'd accumulated (she likes the idea of cross-stitching but neither her eye sight or her patience are up to it) and I've been working my way through them. Mostly giving them back to her as presents because...well they're usually her taste not mine. (I'd feel guilty if I didn't know she picked them up from charity shops) This is her birthday card this year!

Rose Card

Otherwise, I've really missed having a big project to make regular posts about, so I decided to make my mum a companion piece to her chickens from last year. It was actually the duck that she originally wanted but talked me out of making her because it was 'too big' (for me to make, not for her wall) which she now appreciates was a silly reason. Anyway, its proving just as enjoyable to stitch with its big shaping curves and colour blocks that make it look like the thing its supposed to be from early on that keeps me motivated. Hopefully between that and the weekly posts thing I'll get it done for silly season!

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I've been working on this for a couple of years now, injury and bereavement leaving it put on hold, but having had the past week off work I've had a marathon stitch and made a load of progress. It's about 90% finished now, not including the backstitching and beads (so many beads, whyyyy?)

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