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Here is what I bought at Stitcher's Stash in Fairfax, VA (I posted a store review under the shops tag )

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I've seen this pattern twice now (and its sister pattern Spike) but its a pretty big pattern (1x1 on 22 count as designed Design Area: 10.3" x 13.5" Stitch Count 140 x 207) Never done 1x1 on anything but Aida so this will be new for me. I really love the pattern though, so we'll give it a shot.... eventually. Already have several projects kitted up that I have to do first.
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So...[personal profile] ancientsavvy and I met up earlier this week for lunch and cross stitch shopping; we went to a great little shop in Alexandria, VA -- In Stitches. I also recently ordered some stuff from Herrschners and Vicki Clayton (Hand-Dyed Fibers)....

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[personal profile] gblvr and I went to In Stitches in Alexandria and stayed there a good 2 1/2 hours. For those who care for a review of the store there will be one posted soon. ;-)

As for what I bought there... Since I am not using my own computer I can't upload my pictures. But I can link!

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