October blows

Oct. 17th, 2017 05:34 pm
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Oct. 17th, 2017 04:44 pm
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The first thing I did at work today was de-CODA my desk. I have actual desk space now, and I threw out at least four versions and at least 25 copies of the goddamn schedule and didn't regret it at all.

CODA won't go away quite yet, because my boss is in the second year of a six-year stint as a site visitor for other schools and it's time to fill out the annual site visitor COI forms. So I did that and she gets to sign them in seven places tomorrow and I'll send them back, and THEN I can wash my hands of CODA until December. But that's the annual survey data and they're getting exactly what the site visitors got. And that's December.

I did take yesterday off, and spent it having impromptu lunch in Harvard Square and then coming home and embroidering and watching movies. That was the last of the mental reset I needed. Embroidery is a form of meditation, at least for me, and the fact that it's also a creative process is good too. Rebuilding my mental state is one thing, but being able to look at a piece of embroidery and say "I did that" is a very gratifying thing.

Today was trash day and I should have cleaned out the fridge into the trash can last night. Oops. I do have food to live on for this week, though, and if I ever get around to actually thawing out the ground lamb, I want to try making kofta. (And breakfast sausage, but that's pork, and that's also frozen solid.)

What's been going on.

Oct. 17th, 2017 10:45 am
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It's been a long time since I've made a personal life update and that's because it's been kind of lousy. I might as well say something though.

Two months ago we bought a car. This set us back financially, since the dealership was incompetent and took weeks to get us the title so we could get the BMV to give us a proper license plate. (Uber won't accept bills of sale. Just so you know.)

Last month, I totaled the car because I'm a fucking idiot??? So that fucked with our income even more, because you obviously can't drive a car you don't have.

Last week we finally got a new ("new") car -- we were waiting to see if the old one was actually totaled or if they were going to fix it. Thanks for taking so long on that front, Allstate and Gerber.

We've been getting by thanks to the in-laws and some friends helping us out, but it's still been a major drain in energy and productivity. It looks like we'll be fine now, though.

Slowenia 2017: The sublime

Oct. 17th, 2017 05:34 pm
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There is a passage by Christa Wolf (one that I highlighted, alas my books are some 900 kilometers away from where I live - and some 400 from where I am right now) where she talks about how she could not live in the vicinity of the Alps, how their greatness is too much, how their presence would be a constant pressure. How the vastness and emptiness of the Brandenburg landscape is preferable for everyday life.

While the passage itself impressed me, it's not a feeling I do usually share. Landscapes impress me and leave me speechless: the power of the Niagara Falls. The size and vastness of the Isle in the Skye viewpoint of the Canyonlands. But they hardly ever make me feel as if I could not live in their presence. Except two of them: Eyjafjallajökull glacier as seen from the Dyrhólaey peninsula in Iceland, a giant presence peeking through the clouds - the only thing I could think of is a giant alien ship descending onto the Earth, the end of the world imminent. Having that in my back - I don't think I could live with that. And more immediately: and the sheer walls of the Soca valley in Slovenia on the very Southern edge of the Alps, a giant rock slide and in front of it, going on as if nothing a full farm. The rockslide is likely old, much older than the farm. And yet, and yet … And it's not about any real danger; it's about the sheer power, the sheer possibility of unstoppable power they represent.

(Volcanoes will likely be alike. At some point of my life, I need to see red lava.)

((The photo is not of this particular hike. There is no way to take a photo that would express what those places make me feel.))

Dream emotions

Oct. 17th, 2017 12:04 am
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One of my dreams last night evoked a feeling that I have been trying all day to remember, with very little success.

I don't remember the imagery from the dream -- something about coming home after a war, something about the I-character being a prince -- but it's not the imagery I care about. It's the emotion. I can't remember. It was partly like -- oh, I don't know, like a newly crowned (and mostly still school aged) King Peter coming howm to Narnia after his first battle as king; it had elements of Harry returning to Hogwaets after winning some external tournament for Gryffindor (why Gryff in particular and not Hogwarta as a whole I don't know, and the not that sticks out was people back at the castle waiting, like in a Greek myth, to see which color sails adorn the ship, so someone could run back with news of the winner, which makes no sense in a world with magic, but again the visuals don't matter.

And I can't quite remember the emotion.

I think -- in the way you can sometimes remember the shape of a word without remembering the word itself -- it had the shape of a sort of nostalgia, like coming back as an adult to places you frequented as a kid (and things are so much more small and ordinary when you see them with adult eyes). But also a bit of ... deliberate loss? Of having gone to do the thing knowing you'd be changed by it and knowing that you'd never get innocence back, watching kids be kids and being unable to join in because you know too much. And some element of disconnect, like you've been off fighting a battle in Faerie and return triumphant to find that a hundred years have passed overnight and they're really quite happy that you won but you don't know them because they're the great-grandchildren of your baby brother or whatever, and you can't get the missing years back.

Those are the pieces I can remember, but ... echoes, not the source. It's more than that and *I don't remember*. And the more I try, the less I grasp.

[Photos] 2017 - Boranup Forest II

Oct. 17th, 2017 01:13 pm
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In October,
we revisited the Boranup forest,
this time with my Mum.

Everything was so much greener,
always so much love for Boranup.

The beast with hair of green.

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Marvel Black Panther

Oct. 16th, 2017 10:47 am
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It's not due until February 2018, but I'm looking forward to it.

Updatey post of updatiness

Oct. 16th, 2017 01:20 pm
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I've spent most of last week being the Glamorous Assistant on Ziggy's lucet stand at Alexandra Palace. I had numerous comments on my hair!!! Not a brilliantly successful show, and the news is that (thank goodness!) it's going back to four days next year, so we may do better. I'm booked in for Olympia in March, anyway. The rest of the details )

Technology is thwarting me: more details )

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Hurricane Ophelia has apparently picked up sub-Saharan dust, and the light outside is indeed very strange right now - the sun looks orange through the clouds, and the light is yellowish. It's breezy, but not too bad. So far.

This morning the postie brought my latest Loki t-shirt - this one is an 'official' Marvel one from Forbidden Planet, who I really, REALLY, should not have followed on twitter... Oh well.

In Knitting Knews, I'm halfway up the feet of a pair of purple merino socks, cast on for easy bus-knitting last week. I spoke to a woman at the show who was wearing a really rather nice shawl, made up of half-circle shapes of various sizes in lace and plain stocking stitch divided by garter-stitch 'ribs', but she told me it was a kit from an American company that she'd bought, and then used the yarn for something else & knitted the pattern in her own yarn, and she wasn't sure of the name. However, I've tracked it down through Ravelry ... only to find that it's only available in an e-book of three patterns for (eek!) $35.94. That's worse than the £20 for Laine Magazine (issue 1) for the Syv sock pattern. I mean, I've got enough topped up in paypal now that I could afford it, but I only want ONE of the patterns (Key of Life, from ArtYarns, by Iris Schreier), and almost £28 for one pattern is rather excessive.

Thanks to the lungs, I didn't feel up to going shopping this morning; I've done a load of washing (thank you Cough O'Doom ... not), and was also available (yay!) for the postie. I may or may not feel up to knitting this evening, and as for rehearsal on Sunday ... Well, I'll just have to see what happens tomorrow with this spirometry thing.

fic report

Oct. 15th, 2017 09:45 pm
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Between a tax deadline and a ptsd episode, I haven't been able to write much, except for that yuletide treat which is my indulgence fic.

* Coursera Character week 2 story (326/300-600)

* Coursera Character week 3 story (0/700-1000)
* Coursera Character week 4 story (0/1000)
* Yuletide story (0/1000+)
* Yuletide treat #1 (777/1000+)


* PODSA mpreg (2264/whatever)
* Star Wars auction fic (713/1000+)
* PODSA Victory Eve sequel (110/whatever)
* AIRPF AU with [personal profile] rajkumari905 (3316/whatever)
* AIRPF auction fic (0/1000+)

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Oct. 15th, 2017 07:01 pm
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Since Wednesday I've been arguing with "tour stomach", which is what my parents call it when you're tired and stressed and eating strange things at odd times and your digestive system says "You fed me WHAT? And you want me to DEAL with it?" The "tour" part refers to being on tour with a summer theater group in the late 60s.

In my case this is strange things at odd times:

- a pint of peppermint tea for breakfast, no lunch, and I don't remember what for dinner on Monday
- no breakfast, a cold breakfast burrito and cold coffee for lunch, and nothing else but water and Coke on Tuesday (a 15-hour day)
- no breakfast, a cold breakfast burrito for lunch, and massive amounts of salad for dinner on Wednesday (an 11-hour day)
- a warm breakfast burrito for breakfast, two pints of beer (I never drink before 5:00) and a bowl of chili for lunch, followed by a sip of champagne and a cupcake at teatime and the rest of the salad for dinner on Thursday

Yesterday I poured an entire large coffee into a storm drain in Coolidge Corner because I took a sip and knew I would have been sick if I drank any more of it. But I desperately wanted Planters dry roasted peanuts for some reason, and those didn't upset my stomach at all. They dried me right the hell out because of all the salt, though. But I decided that if I actively wanted any kind of food, I might be getting better.

This morning I woke up feeling more like myself than I have since last Sunday. I'm sort of pretending it's a normal weekend in terms of grocery shopping and laundry, but it hasn't been, because I run out of gas every afternoon around 2:30. At least today all I did was yawn and decide it wasn't quite naptime yet. Yesterday I wasn't home from errands at 2:30 and wasn't sure I could get myself there. I did, of course, but I scared myself a little.

I think I can give myself one more day to get my brain and my digestion both back to 90% or better. Especially since my boss said last week that she wouldn't care if I didn't show up tomorrow.


Oct. 15th, 2017 05:21 pm
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"Kingdoms are but cares
State is devoid of stay,
Riches are ready snares,
And hasten to decay
Pleasure is a privy prick
Which vice doth still provoke;
Pomps, imprompt; and fame, a flame;
Power, a smoldering smoke.
Who meanth to remove the rock
Owst of the slimy mud
Shall mire himself, and hardly scape
The swelling of the flood".

-Henry VI, King of England, in his penultimate imprisonment.

Sunday Seven III

Oct. 15th, 2017 11:43 pm
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I'm in Venice - I met a colleague at the airport who suggested to take a direct taxi boat to the city instead of the bus + boat combo that my guesthouse suggested. We had to wait in line for half an hour (being too loudly upset about politics, but that's what happens when you put together an
Iranian-born Swiss-American and an Eastern-Europe born Jewish German) but otherwise it was the best decision ever. I got a bit of sightseeing that I do not expect to manage for the rest of the week.

3x mobile photos )

I am regretting that I did not take my camera with me. But on the other hand: I don't think I'll gave time to look around much, anyway.

That said: that review talk on Tuesday? Still not done. Ugh. And tomorrow will be a busy day. (Expect very exciting science results to hit the news; not mine, but it will still be full of excitement.) And I know, I am procrastinating now again, but there is only so much talk I can write given how tired I am by now.

I know that I shop when I am stressed. I lost my black shawl while in Slovenia and it's such a staple that I needed a new one immediately. Also those new skinny dress pants I bought when changing airports in Paris really need different tops that the ones I own, so I now own a wide lightweight wooly sweater in grey and a black popover blouse. And since I was at it, also a set of rose-plated triangle earring (I mean, it happens so often that I find earrings that I live that are silver I had to buy them, right? … On the other hand, wtf my new fascination with gold-colored jewellry? Am I getting old?)

Also, new phone. Because my old one decided that I abused it too much. It's not fully dead but there was a pattern of guest-touch behavior that made it crash several times and I am not risking being without a phone with all the current and upcoming travel. Unfortunately, I missed that the successor model is half an inch larger when I ordered it. The old one wasn't small, but this one is giant. Well. I am trying to convince myself that whatever phone I would have gotten it would have been the wrong one because it's not my old one. (And I could not have just bought the old one again, I considered, but I ordered it using motomaker in a configuration that was only available from Motorolla USA, not from any resellers D:)

Voltron really isn't a good series. But I keep watching. Because Lotor. And we are at the point when he actually becomes really interesting. (I even tried to go fanfiction, but ugh, nothing along the lines that would interest me D:)

I complained to [livejournal.com profile] sophiawestern (through whom I have one of my current favorite soup recipes) that there is no Kabocha squash in the Netherlands - I only found two sad kabochas at one market stall a few weeks ago. But now my local supermarket has them! Yeah! Take bets on who is going to eat all the Kabocha & chicken & pear salads!
I still have a ton of roasted kabocha and carrot soup in the freezer (the aforementioned favorite soup made from the aforementioned two sad kabochas), otherwise there would be some soup cooking forthcoming next weekend.

I'm not sure I agree with everything in this blog entry (I often find myself disagreeing with xykademiqz, the blog author), but the last paragraph is important (to realize for both kinds of people) and I absolutely loved the last sentence: I need to emit into the world, hoping the world receives some of it.

Now: bed. And finish that talk tomorrow.

Less Wind is Good

Oct. 15th, 2017 09:44 am
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Several fairly quiet days along with lower temperatures have given firefighters a chance to surround most (all?) of the horrible Northern California fires.  Backfires are being lit from bulldozed lines giving the active fires nothing more to burn.  The fire lines remain at least 10 miles from the Ranch.

I was in Ukiah yesterday taking more supplies to the Fairgrounds where my load of drinks-that-were-not-plain-water (they were getting plenty of water, but coffee, sodas and juices were in short supply), more towels, baby wipes and a pair of good boots, were welcomed.  It is certainly possible to live on plain water, but if I had lost everything and was living in a tent at the fairgrounds -I- would appreciate something a bit more!

Painted more plywood for the horse shelter at the Red Barn.  This task was made far more pleasant when JoAnne joined me. MUCH nicer to have company! Got more than half the primer on, which is the hard part.  That plywood just slurps up paint!!  The first little rain is due in on Thursday.  We won't bother using the shelter yet, as it is unlikely to rain for more than an hour or so, but it is October and more rain will come soon so those walls need to go up.  Once the primer is on the plywood then at a minimum the edges of the plywood need a top coat of paint before they go into place.  I may try caulking the top of the panels on the outside to see if I can extend the life of the wood.

Had a lovely dinner with JoAnne on the way home, leftover venison soup which was really good. 

Then stopped to see my sister Mary and her son Charles.  Charles was driving home from his job as a chef at a big hotel in Sonoma when the big Sonoma/Napa fires were starting on Sunday night.  He drove through one short section of blowing embers with  flames starting up on each side of the road!!!  EEk!!  Later he persuaded Mary to evacuate to the coast for the day, which was a really good idea since the fire went within 6 blocks of her house.  Charles looks really good.  He likes his job, he is exercising and was far more social and verbal than normal.

Got home pretty tired...

Work at 1pm today.

[Photos] Boranup Forest

Oct. 16th, 2017 12:06 am
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I always feel a bit empty
if I don't get to visit the Boranup forest at least once a year.

Comprising mostly young karri leaves,
with a distinctive karri biome,
made up of metres of layers of karri bark that drops from the silvery branches every year.

Grey days, silvery trees.

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Это на днях, фотки не мои, https://vk.com/paha_panfiloff

[community profile] thefridayfive for October 13, 2017

Oct. 13th, 2017 07:36 pm
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1) What is the first song you remember from your childhood?
Maybe "Bohemian Rhapsody." My older sister had the Wayne's World soundtrack on cassette, and I remember listening to it over and over with headphones on a My First Sony walkman.

2) What is the first music you purchased with your own money?
Green Day Dookie, at around age ten. So typical!

3) What's a piece of music that you know by heart?
I have a pretty good memory, so I know lots of songs! I'm good at remembering lyrics, melody, chords, guitar solos and stuff...

4) What's a song that makes you turn off the music right away?
I'm sure there are plenty, but maybe this song? You know what? Don't click that! I already regret even googling it! Anyway, it's that song that goes, "Look around the world pretty baby / Is it everything you hoped it'd be?"

5) And why?
I mean, just listen to it! 😱😱😱 Gotta listen to something good now to cleanse my palette!!

Thoughts for a Friday the 13th

Oct. 13th, 2017 05:03 pm
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Five things make a post....

1. The plumber was here. The incident that prompted the call -- the cold-water handle on the bathtub faucet was broken -- was an easy fix. The other thing we've been putting off for years -- the replacement of the kitchen faucet -- took a bit longer. Still, the bill came to "only" $226.

2. Washington Nationals fandom is getting to be a lot like Boston Red Sox fandom: hope followed by heartbreak.

3. Today is "Women Boycott Twitter" day. Not that I use Twitter a whole lot....

4. This weekend I won't be going to Harvest Wars because I had been planning to go away last weekend, and now I need to focus on working on my next feature article due at the end of the month. That article is also why I wasn't planning to go to War of the Wings this year. Hey, at least I went to Pennsic, and my home barony is hosting Fall Crown Tourney just about 10 minutes' drive from my house.

5. Speaking of that feature article, I had a couple of good interviews with sources this week (one just ended). I also did a few other adulting things, such as getting a free flu shot at the county clinic, and some fun things, such as seeing Wolgemut last night at the New Deal Cafe. Actually, this time around the four gentlemen currently making up the band played the longest "soft band" set I've ever heard them play (as opposed to the "loud band," which relies on bagpipes and a rauschpfeife.

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Oct. 13th, 2017 12:56 pm
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The site visit ended yesterday morning. We expect to continue being accredited, although the official report won't be out until January. The site visitors' verbal report gave the predoc program no citations and two commendations (which won't appear in the January report; that only lists what, if anything, we did wrong). As I am the predoc curriculum coordinator, I don't care so much about the postdoc programs, but only one of the six got a citation and we're getting a grace period to fix it.

On Monday, in the rain, three of us spent five hours taking all the binders, office supplies, shredder, exhibit table linens, baskets of snacks, cases of bottled water, copies of the self-study documents, easels, and "HSDM Welcomes CODA" signs over to the library. Fortunately we had the use of a car, because rain does not improve cardboard boxes full of binders full of paper. It took two carloads. The time-consuming part was getting everything off the second floor of an elevatorless building and then getting it out of the car and into the library. Heart attack #1 was when we came with the second carload and the security guard at the library had locked the doors and disappeared. He'd only gone to the bathroom, fortunately, but I had a nasty moment of contingency planning involving the idea of being at the library at 4:00 on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday morning my chauffeur appeared at 6:00, which was ten minutes early. I had decided to hell with taking the bus, and hired private cars for myself for the site visit days. I got to the library at 6:15 and waited about fifteen minutes, at which point Tuesday heart attack #1 occurred when the caterer appeared with no coffee. I didn't know we had gotten the Harvard caterers to do coffee. They showed up two minutes later. The site visitors showed up early, at about 7:45, and it was on. I was merrily checking things off my security blanket list when my boss texted me a picture of the schedule for Wednesday morning and said the site visitors wanted the basic science disciplines added to the directors' names, and I should use her laptop to do it. Having done it, I had to bring the laptop back to the office to print 18 new 16-page schedules. I did that and brought them and the laptop back to the library. The site visit chair wanted his schedule hole-punched. The hole punch at the library circulation desk didn't like me, and ruined the document. That was when I got heart attack #2; I discovered I had revised the wrong version of the schedule, so I had to go back to the office again, find the right schedule, update it, print another 18 copies, hole-punch one, and bring them all back again. I finally ate a leftover breakfast burrito at 11:30.

Heart attack #3 held off until 4:00, when the site visit chair asked me to revise something else on his copy of the schedule, and by the way, to pick a restaurant and make a reservation for 16 people at 7:00. Eastern Standard couldn't do it, and Deuxave took 20 minutes to call us back, but they said they could. Then the site visitors opted for proximity to hotel over cuisine and decided to go to Yard House instead, so we canceled Deuxave.

I stayed at work until 9:15 that night because the site visitors had decided we didn't have sufficient grading rubrics for the reflection papers involving ethics, behavioral and social sciences, and externship experience. And they weren't sure they liked our rubrics for clinical procedures either ("adequate working length" was not an adequate description; they wanted things like "2 mm working length".) So we started rewriting them, because our opportunity to explain and defend ourselves was coming at 7:30 Wednesday morning. I got home at 10:15, went to bed at 11:00, and my brain went "Hi there! Awake now!" at 2:00. None of my usual tricks for getting back to sleep worked, but I dozed off and on until the alarm went off at 5:45.

Back to work again at 6:15, and found the library locked. The security guard and the caterer showed up at 6:45. At least I got to hang around in the fresh air for half an hour. My boss, who was supposed to be in the 8:30 curriculum review session with us, went into a 7:30 rubric explanation session (having texted me at 7:00 to go find some tertiary data in one of our massive binders) and didn't come out until 8:40 or so, thereby giving me Wednesday heart attack #1. I did have to answer some questions in the curriculum session, but they didn't ask me anything I couldn't answer. I got my leftover breakfast burrito at 11:00 and ate it with one hand while revising oral surgery and oral radiology rubrics for the afternoon sessions with the other.

The site visit chair asked at 1:30 for reservations for eight people at a seafood restaurant for 7:30, so we sent them to Legal Harborside for 8:00 (best we could do). The six postdoc program site visitors were done at lunchtime, so we sent them off to the airport. Some of the predoc site visitors went off to an externship site and got back later than intended, which put the afternoon all out of kilter, but we got done sometime around 4:30. The ODE faculty went out for drinks and invited the logistics team (including me), but I was too frazzled. I absconded with a lot of leftover salad from lunch because I hadn't seen a vegetable in two days, got home at 6:00, ate two large bowls of salad, fed the cats and went to bed at 9:30. Except for waking up at 2:00 because I was cold, I actually slept.

Yesterday was positively tranquil. The site visitors wrote reports for two hours in the morning, read them to the deans and dept heads at 10:15, and left at 10:40 or so. We helped ourselves to leftover breakfast, cleaned that up, took all the binders, table linens and snacks back to the office, and went out for about three hours of liquid lunch followed by cupcakes and champagne at teatime. And then I went home. And here I am. I've taken myself out for breakfast and now it's massage time.

Quick dash to Ukiah

Oct. 12th, 2017 11:44 pm
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Took me a while to get going this morning.  Part of that was the heavy smoke here in SF.  We don't have wildfires here, but we are sure getting the smoke from them!
Costco was my one stop on the way to Ukiah - for bottled water and towels.  These were gratefully received by the volunteers at the fairgrounds.  The whole Ukiah fairgrounds looks like a tent city.  Lots of people camping there.  Some are folks that were burned out, some just waiting for it to be safe to return to homes that were evacuated as a precaution.  I'll try to go again on Sat, taking coffee, hot coco mix and a variety of "not plain water" drinks.  "Something with some fizz" was specifically requested - oh, and more towels. 

Picked apples under a bright blue sky.  All the smoke was being blown west and south, and Ukiah was getting fresh ocean air. Nice!  Gathered up some framed art, and two or three other misc items - along with my new saddle, to take back to SF for safety.  Just in case the fire gets down our way.  It could, it wouldn't really take long if the wind was right.  I think that in the Santa Rosa Fire 85 mph gusts were moving the fire along at the rate of one football field length every three or four minutes.  Scares me just thinking about it.  Of course we could have a big earthquake too....

The Redwood Complex fire, the one that has burned out any number of friends, is still burning merrily along, at about 10% containment.  Quite a lot slower since the wind has been quiet the last two days.  One person commenting on the Facebook page I'm watching said: some commercial radio reports are for gusty winds returning for the next two days.  NOAA's forcast is for calm winds.  I'm choosing to believe NOAA so I can get some sleep tonight!

Drove back to

A few hours of work as a stagehand tomorrow, and Sunday.  Hopefully more soon. 

Quite tired, off to bed now.