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Name:Cross Stitch
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:a cross stitch, embroidery and needlepoint project-sharing community

This is a community for sharing cross stitch (as well as embroidery and needlepoint) projects with others. On-topic questions are also welcome!

The moderators for this community are [personal profile] gblvr and [personal profile] ancientsavvy; you can PM the moderators through this site if you have any questions about the community; please put 'cross_stitch community' as the subject.

Please go to the DW FAQ for all Dreamwidth-related questions.


There are only a few rules:

Cut tag any images: photos and scans of your work are welcome and encouraged, but you must use cut tags when you post (go here for help with the tags.)

No advertising: this includes advertising auctions. If you want to advertise a community, PM a moderator. Swaps are okay, as are giveaways (you may ask for postage only in the case of giveaways.)

Do not share copyrighted materials: links to freebies are fine, offering to photocopy patterns for others is not.

Most kits, charts and patterns have a statement similar to this: permission granted to copy/photocopy for personal use. In this case 'personal use' means one copy, so you may write, mark or use highlighter on the pattern, but it does not mean you can give away or sell photocopies, scans, electronic files or other copies of the product for someone else's 'personal use.'

You may post product images (behind a cut), or a link to a site, but please do not post offers to share charts or pattern, nor links to 'sharing sites.'

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in your post being removed, and a warning being issued. A second infraction will result in moderated status, and three infractions will result in the user being banned from the community.

NOTE: Please restrict your icons to a 'G' rating, as some members may be under the age of 18, or reading at work. Please contact a moderator if you're not sure about your icon's rating.



Resources: stitch and fabric calculators, floss conversion tools, printable/customizable graph paper and sites that convert images or text into charts

Stitches: stitch dictionaries and stitch diagrams; online or hard copy recommendations

Shop Reviews: catalogues, online or brick-and-mortar shops; specific likes/dislikes re: the shop in question, with a URL or address

Freebies: sites or blogs that have free charts, including one-offs, stitch-a-longs, and series

Finishing Ideas/How-tos: sites or blogs that feature finishing ideas or 'how-to' instructions; if you are the author of a 'how-to', and you don't have hosting space, you may post instructions as a comment to this post.
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