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I wasn't actually going to post again so soon, but I've managed to finish so many things since my last post!

It's even more beautiful now that it's all backstitched.

A closer look at that sidebar thingy! It was reaaaaally hard to backstitch, since thread does weird things when there are two or more threads instead of just one. But I think it looks rather good!

I don't know why this one took me so long to finish up. Something about running out of black, I think? But I finally got around to buying another skein, so yay.

And speaking of buying more skeins of thread, I stopped working on this one quite a while back because I ran out of the golden yellow. It's another one where I had to stitch with more than one thread in the backstitches, so I hope it looks alright... when I finally finished it, I checked my cross stitch journal to see how long I'd been working on this one. It looks like I started it in or before the year 2008! Sheesh. I'm glad to finally have it done, but it's rather astonishing to think I've been doing this hobby for a decade (this wasn't the first thing I stitched, I don't actually remember when I started but I digress), haha. I know plenty of you have done it longer, but it's still rather impressive to me that I've stuck with it for so long.
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