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Last time I posted here was back in April and I'd almost just started this project. It was designed by Lesley Teare and featured in Cross Stitch Collection magazine in... erm, spring 2015. I've been working on it consistently since then, which is kinda new for me. With previous projects I've always run into one or two longer breaks from it. Anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Sort of like a writer's block, only about stitching. Stitcher's block? Not really this time. Or at least, when it's happened, it's only lasted a week at most.

I have most of the tea cup still to go and a couple more flowers in the lower right corner. And of course an awful lot of backstitch. I started on it a little bit earlier on, but haven't managed to keep up doing it in bits like that since. It's really simple and easy backstitch, though, because you can just follow the colours, but ugh, it's boring to do.

However, when these are your working conditions, tweezers to remove stray cat hairs with become an indispensable tool... This is Luna. I'm far too much of a softie to make her go away and she's far too much of a lap-cat to leave me alone. Awww, how can you not love that face? ♥ Doesn't half make you work in an awkward position, though.

Last time, I also showed a card I had made for some friends who were expecting a baby. Turns out my friends are apparently breeding like rabbits, so I've already stitched up the front of another card which will become relevant in... erm... I forgot. October or so, I think. The chart was freely available on the internet at Cross Stitch Pattern. The lovely thing about this particular one was that it said on it exactly how many stitches it involved. I used it for a little time-keeping experiment and worked out that apparently when I work concentratedly, I average about 100 stitches per hour. Of course, this was an easy, simple project with only a handful of colours and large areas of each colour. I expect I'm probably a lot slower on that tea cup.

It's still on the roller bars. I'm not really in any hurry to take it off. So long as it's there, it can't get creased and I don't currently need the bars for something else. All I need to do is cut it out and attach it to the front of a card.
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