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It's been a while since I posted any finished objects, largely because I've been doing a lot of knitting these past few months and what cross-stitching I've been doing has mostly been wee kits that I keep for travelling and none of them have actually got finished. But I have been working on something a bit bigger lately and I discovered I did have another couple of finished objects that I'd just never posted about.

Clock Stitching
I finished my clock stitching back at the start of February but still haven't got around to putting the clock itself together - largely because its currently sitting in my room at my parents while I've been working in another city these last 4 months...
It was actually these wee fellows that reminded me to make this post, as I was looking for the bunny on Tuesday and came across the icecream, still un-set and spent some time fiddling around with my jewellery fixings getting it sorted out and have been wearing it to work since then.
Making a mobile for a friend's imminent baby - these wee things will be hanging from it.
After my inital success with stitching on plastic, I wanted to make some more things with it. I was stuck for ideas to make something for a friend's imminent baby, when the idea of making a mobile to hang over the crib came to me. My cross-stich magazine had a page of assorted beach/seashore related patterns which I thought would make a lovely theme for a summer baby. (Even if this summer has really not been beach appropriate weather.)
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