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Cross-stitch Tuesday

I knew I'd missed a couple of weeks of checking in but I hadn't realised it was nearly a month. Anyway things are starting to take shape! I'm starting to be able to see where other parts of the design will fit in. The places where the leaves will slot in for example. And I finally, finally got to actually put some purple in - when I picked this design all those years ago, I was under the impression there'd be a lot more purple involved than there actually is...


I am actually a little further on with the design than this picture shows, but not by very much. I started in on some pink, but I haven't got very far yet. Hopefully next week's post will have some actually fairy in it!
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Mini Wetterhorn

Mini Wetterhorn

Pattern by Tereena Clarke of Artecy Cross Stitch based on a painting by Joseph Anton Koch.

Stitch parking level 2: achievement unlocked. I can't tell you how many times I went to park a thread and found another thread already parked there. I think I properly fixed everything I caught, but goodness only knows if this looks anything like it was supposed to.

I can’t decide if I’m ready to level up to the pattern I’m dying to make, or if I should do one more slightly harder pattern first before working my way up to that. My end goal is a massive HAED pattern with 234 colors.

The second picture is a distance shot because this pattern was done in the pointillist style, so the farther away you stand, the more detailed it looks.

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Cross-stitch tuesday

I started on working on tiny Yule-things for ornaments to use as gifts for my assorted cousins. This is the current one!

a small snowman in counted cross stitch
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Cross-stitch Tuesday

This week was a good week for the project, I managed to get lots done. Helped in no small part by having the day off on Friday and having decided to binge listen to a podcast series while I was at it. Unsurprisingly, around five solid hours of cross-stitching does make an impact on a project.

progress pic below the cut )
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A new big project to be puttering along with

I haven't made a sizeable cross-stitch project in ages, so I was looking for one to do and came across a very old project. Back when I first got into cross-stitch in my early teens I found a pattern for a flowerfairy that I wanted to make. It was a little overambitious for my age and patience level. (Not least because, I didn't realise when I bought it that it was just the pattern so I had to track down all the many individual shades of thread for it.) Anyways, a couple of years ago I got tired of it sitting in a box taunting me whenever I came across it, went through my thread collection and gathered all the threads for it that I had and took advantage of a craft store closing down to get the rest of the shades I needed and bagged them up so they were all together for when I next wanted a big project to work on.

Fast forward to this summer when I was looking for a bit of a challenge, I came across the fairy and decided that its time had come. I've been working away at it steadily for the last month or so but I keep meaning to and then forgetting to take photos of my progress along the way to keep me motivated, but I finally did today so I'm going to try to get back into posting weekly update posts as I've found them really motivating for large projects in the past.

rather bigger than my usual fair )
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Project Christmas Stocking

My job has been pretty awful and stressful since spring and I'm only just now getting back in a crafty place again. I just didn't have the brain capacity for very much before.

However, Project Christmas Stockings is taking off! I'll be using this tutorial, with some modification to do with personalisation. I've got all the materials I need and have started on the names. I initially thought I'd replace a bit of the stocking cuff with the embroidered aida, but then a couple of things happened (I blundered with the placement when making the start on the first one, and have discovered a stubborn stain on the aida for another part), so rather than starting all over, I've decided to just cut the aida smaller and applique it onto the cuff instead. And after I thought about that for a bit, I think I actually like that idea better than my original (although much easier) idea.

I'm using this varicoloured floss for the names, which I've never worked with before. The effect is quite good! I had wanted a redder red, but this was the reddest I could get. It's not too bad though. I do feel like the strands must be finer, because I'm not getting nearly as good coverage as with regular floss even railroading to the best of my ability. They don't seem to be with the naked eye, but there's definitely a difference from other things I've worked on the same cloth. Can anybody confirm or deny? (ETA forgot to say I always use DMC floss)

Picture under here )

Fairune pixel font pattern

Can we share patterns here? Because I made one! (Please re-upload to your own host if sharing.)

This font comes from a really cute mobile and 3DS game called Fairune, an action/puzzle RPG in the vein of The Legend of Zelda. It's free on mobile and I highly recommend it.

(I say "pattern", but I really just sized the text up and put a grid on it. But it's a cute pixel font and I thought some others might have use for it!)

Included: Capital and lowercase roman letters, Arabic numerals, hiragana, katakana, and punctuation.
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Fave Cross-Stitch Magazine

 Hi, fellow stitchers,

I have a huge weakness for cross-stitch magazines! I discovered them about ten years ago in Barnes and Noble. Many of them there are published in the U.K., and I am in the U.S., so the price can be rather high. I have still purchased several over the years. Recently I found them on Magzter for my iPad for about a fourth of the newsstand price, and I just bought the August 2017 issue of Cross Stitch Crazy. CSC is definitely my favorite, since Quick and Easy Cross Stitch was discontinued years ago. Plus, the overseas magazines in the newsstand often come sporadically, and past their season. I love my e-copy of the magazine, and I can print out the patterns from my iPad as I use them.

Does anyone else buy the cross stitch magazines, either on the newsstand or online? I was just curious about your experiences with them, and your favorite magazine, if you have one!
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Last summer's projects

I have not completed any projects this summer (yet), but these are from last summer:
Three projects )
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Bookmarks, Butterfly

Okay I found those bookmarks so here's the image heavy post I promised last time.

Lots of pics )
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[FO] Another office-inspired object

The office-inspired piece for the data scientists reminded me that I did one too.

We had a consultant visit last November, and over the course of two days he said "Less is more" about twelve times. In context it was good advice, and I said we should have it tattooed on various people. My boss said I should embroider it so we could hang it on the wall and tell people to refer to it. So one night I went home and dug out some scrap linen, and now my boss's office door says Less Is More. I debated whether to put it in a really ornate frame, just to be silly.
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[FO] Quick weekend project

There was some chit-chat in the office last week about needing a warning sign "Do Not Feed the Data Scientists."

I'm not entirely sure why not to feed them; but I'm there to help, so I made this out of the internet and stuff I had on hand:
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I kind of designed myself into a corner. It's surprising how few threatening silhouettes are recognizable at this resolution! So I hope they don't mind being space invaders.

P.S. I hope I did this right. This is the first time I've posted a picture on DW.
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Coming back to cross stitching

Hi! I've recently picked up a kit that I started several years ago, and I'm determined to finish it this time. Really glad this community is here--I hope it will keep me inspired!
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Two pieces, finished

I'm so glad to see this comm is still up and about!

I was originally going to have this update be quite a bit more image-heavy because I was going to post the last six bookmarks from the 12 month bookmark kit all at once, but I lost October, November, December, June, and May. Or, to paraphrase my mother, I put them in a place where they would be safe and not get damaged and now I don't remember where that is. Probably somewhere weird.

But I still have a few pictures )
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Belated Halloween work

Halloween kitty )


I'm relatively new to this group, and to Dreamwidth. I have been cross stitching since I was about 14 (that would be 23 years ago), and I have a number of projects I've collected over the years to photograph. This is my most recent, a small picture that was about two years behind schedule, but still looks nice in my Halloween-themed kitchen.
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[personal profile] angrboda2017-04-23 12:27 pm

Allotment progress

Since [personal profile] hsb mentioned the comm being quiet yesterday, I thought why not give it another little poke with a progress picture. Especially since it's just been Easter and Husband and I got a LOT of crafty activities done over the holiday.

Under the cut )

For comparison, this is how far along I was last time I posted here
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(no subject)

Hello all! I jumped ship from LJ and washed up on DW, and since I have an "embroidery" tag (by which I meant cross stitch) in my own journal, I thought I would join up here too. I'm glad this community is here, because almost everyone else I know who used to do cross stitch has given it up for knitting.

I've been stitching for sixteen years now and have shockingly few pictures of what I've done (I keep giving finished ones away), but this is what I'm currently working on: Heaven and Earth Designs Cheshire Cat. I'm doing it on black linen because doing it on white (as suggested) struck me as a really bad idea. Doing it on black isn't really a splendid idea either, but as long as I have a strong enough light behind it, it works.
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(no subject)

Hello Stitchers!

I'm so bad at remembering this place exists! Sorry, Stitchers. Spring has come to my part of the world and my current project, I feel, is season appropriate.

I haven't posted here since forever, so under the cut is a photo of how far I've come with that (not very), something that's not actually finished after all, and a couple of other things that are. )
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More finished bookmarks, WIP ship

I did in fact end up going back and unpicking that one bookmark.

Pictures below )
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[personal profile] tarnera2016-09-07 12:15 pm
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Some finishes, WIPs, a beginning

I actually just moved houses, away from hot-as-the-sun Texas and into... apparently very rainy Wisconsin. It was a heck of a move, but to stave off tension I was doing a few small projects in between packing.

Lots of pictures )