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Oh, sweet! I'm so happy I found a comm on DW... is this in any way related to the one on LJ? Either way, I guess I'll put my update post here, too.

Basically I didn't post my updates anywhere for a while so I sort of have a bunch of them piled up. Here we go...

Bonus dragon! I finally got around to framing this guy. I'm really happy with him :3 They did a wonderful job compensating for the stretching my sub-par treatment of this poor guy caused.

Much more recently, I completed a fractal I started... oh goodness, I probably started this thing five years ago! Wow.

Moving on, I'm currently backstitching a few projects I've been picking at for ages.

...I really love those grapes, haha.

I mislaid the thread for this one's backstich, but I'm hoping it's just tucked away in my stash somewhere.

I'm so close to being done with this one... I ran out of gold thread, though. I was planning to salvage some from my store of extra thread, I just never got around to it... sometime soon, I hope!

Last but not least, I have a couple still-being-cross stitched WIPs.

Frogs and tigers, two of my favorite animals! Haha. Now I just need an owl one to make the trifecta complete...

That's all for now, thanks for reading! I'm going to try and post more regularly, depending on how things go.
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