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I did in fact end up going back and unpicking that one bookmark.

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I actually just moved houses, away from hot-as-the-sun Texas and into... apparently very rainy Wisconsin. It was a heck of a move, but to stave off tension I was doing a few small projects in between packing.

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I've been working on this lately--especially since I found that if I bring it to work to play with on my free time, it gets me less hassle than if I read a book! Go figure. My coworkers are strange.

But either way, it's starting to look quite pretty.

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Wow, it's been a while since I posted anything! I've been busy, I guess... anyway.

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It's been a while since I posted any finished objects, largely because I've been doing a lot of knitting these past few months and what cross-stitching I've been doing has mostly been wee kits that I keep for travelling and none of them have actually got finished. But I have been working on something a bit bigger lately and I discovered I did have another couple of finished objects that I'd just never posted about.

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Sorry to doublepost, but it's been a while and though I've spent a lot of time lately knitting a Doctor Who scarf, so I don't have that much, I'd still like to put it up here anyway.
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Oh, sweet! I'm so happy I found a comm on DW... is this in any way related to the one on LJ? Either way, I guess I'll put my update post here, too.

Basically I didn't post my updates anywhere for a while so I sort of have a bunch of them piled up. Here we go...

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I forgot to post last week so this week's installment is a day early to avoid forgetting again. Still making decent progress, I ran out of the pale blue just after I made the last post, but I got some more of that and finished off all of that colour, only to run out of the medium blue...so now I need to track that down, hopefully I'll be able to get to a craft store soon as we're really nearly there!

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I've been working on this for a couple of years now, injury and bereavement leaving it put on hold, but having had the past week off work I've had a marathon stitch and made a load of progress. It's about 90% finished now, not including the backstitching and beads (so many beads, whyyyy?)

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So...I got my project finished. Even finished in time to give as a winter festival gift to its intended recepient. I even remembered to take a photo of it! And then flickr broke itself for a bit leaving me unable to post/share photos. It's slightly less broken now. So I can finally share my completed project. Yay?!

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So much for posting regular updates to keep me motivated, I keep forgetting to take photos. I really thought I had more photos from the intervening period that I just hadn't taken off my camera but nope, I haven't, so its a bit of a jump from my last post to this one...

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The last time I had a big cross-stich project to work on the regular weekly progress posts kept me motivated. So, as I've just started a project that I want finished by silly season, I thought I'd take up regular posting again to keep me working.

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Thought I'd post an update on my latest needlework project: Ink Circles' Pot Luck.

It's on 28 ct Sand Cashel using Gloriana's Topiary.

I did a chunk of this on Sunday, hence the subject line.

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I'm cross-stitching some towels for a friend's wedding present. I'm dithering however, about some design choices, and how they interact with time's endless forward march.

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Mermaid of the Pearls is progressing, if very slowly. I am up to the point where I can start to see progress, and that she is actually looking more like she should.

I have spent a portion of tonight colour coding my working copies. White is now mostly coloured in on the top half of the pattern. It does make the pattern easier to read, I think.

Most of her skin is done. Now it is filling in the sparklies around it. I pulled out my thread heaven, which I think will help immensely!
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I am not sure I have posted here so here is a mixed bag of some of what I am stitching at present...Look behind the cut... )

Thanks for looking!
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I've been working for about two and a half weeks on Midsummer Night's Fairy. She's starting to actually look almost like something now. The curve is where her knee bends and the purple is a sash.

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I started working on Mirabilia's Midsummer Night's Fairy a week ago Monday. It's the second Mirabilia I've ever done (The first was the Halloween Fairy and only took a week or two), and it's much different than most of my work over the last couple of years. When I was doing mostly Dimensions Kits, however, I always liked doing projects with a lot of swooping, draping material. I love watching random blotches of colour resolve themselves into shapes and shadows. I'm stitching her 2-over-2 on 32-count Belfast linen in a colour called Confederate Grey.

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Hello! I'm new to this comm so I thought I'd share the huge dragon wip I'm currently working on! Apologies for the not-so-awesome camera quality!

I've still got a way to go with this one - I've been working on and (mostly off) on this during my first two years of uni and I'm making one last crack at it in the few weeks before I go back. The design is about 13 inches high and 25 inches wide and was kit-bought. This is the first properly huge design I've ever done as well, so it was a bit daunting to start off! No pics from when I first started this I'm afraid as I lacked a camera at that time!

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progress as of 5/9/10

Thank you for looking!
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Just started up stitching again after weeks of not having the time or desire to.

Finished a small pattern (FINALLY) for a Round Robin:
From Cross-stitch

And progress on the Splash of Yellow:
From Splash of Yellow WIP