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Это рассказ таллинца А. Осипова, бывшего профессора Ленинградской Академии.
Мои архиереи // Наука и религия 1969, № 34.

Отец Георгий - это епископ Таллинский и Эстонский Иоанн (Алексеев). В пору свадьбы своей дочери Веры на красивом семинаристе Алеше Ридигере - благочинный Таллинского округа.
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30-Day Song Challenge: Day 5

Aug. 18th, 2017 08:53 am
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5. A song that needs to be played LOUD [Let's Dance (InFiction String Remix) by David Bowie]

This is one of my favorite Bowie remixes and I just happen to always listen to it LOUD. Especially around 3:40.

I should probably be doing these when I more fully awake...

30-Day Song Challenge: Day 4

Aug. 18th, 2017 08:33 am
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(skipping Day 3 until I can think of something that isn't a cop out)

4. A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget about [Take Me Anywhere by Tegan and Sara]

This doesn't remind me of someone I want to forget about reminds me of a situation with a person that I severely fucked up. That friendship still limps along, but its never been the same and this and a few other songs are like hyperlinks to memories of that situation, so I listen to them rarely.

[Art] Hospital Firebird.

Aug. 18th, 2017 04:20 pm
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I started this on Monday, with a Kilometrico ballpoint pen.
I was waiting to see the Radiation Oncologist.
I kept working on it on Tuesday,
in a waiting room,
while waiting to see the ENT Surgeon.
And then I finished it on Wednesday,
in another hospital waiting room,
while waiting to see the base of skull Neurosurgeon.

All ballpoint pen.


Aug. 17th, 2017 09:22 pm
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Тут нарисовалась телега, на котор ссылается Навальный, и там вылезла очень важная инфа случайно, боком. про Пескова. Оказывается, песков-то тоже не просто так: песков - внучатый зять Будённого.Read more... )

Чёрная соль

Aug. 17th, 2017 09:12 pm
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Просто копирую с небольшими купюрами телегу Кураева, за сегодня. Но смысл у меня другой.


Освящённая чёрная Четверговая соль.
80 руб.
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Докатились. В сериале Карточный домик показаны действа в Богемской рощще. Кто не знает, о чём речь, - советую посмотреть поисковик. БР - намного более закрытая вещь, чем всякий Римский клуб и прочее. В своё время, несколько лет назад, когда стоящая инфа пролезала, в соцсетях было много важного про БР, даже я многое размещала. Были братья, которые очень глубоко по этой теме копнули. те братья удалили свои ленты, причем уже много серий назад.
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Did YOU know there's a right and a wrong way to sit on a sofa? No, nor did I till I started this cat-sitting gig. Now, Caz's mogs are obviously either less or more classy, because they don't much care as long as you're providing a warm lap. Horizontal/lengthwise is probably top-notch for them - more room to stretch out on, and an easily-reachable face to purr in. Zanda & Janet's cats are much the same, though sometimes they barely wait for you to sit down - they're there, waiting imperiously. Also, once ensconced, you're not allowed to get up without due care and attention, and will be immediately cat-lapped again once you've sat back down.

Smokey, however, is having none of that. When Ruth sits on the sofa, Smokey will get on with her, walk across her, sit next to her (if not quite ON her). When I do it? I get this look of horror and disgust. "UR DOIN IT RONG!" it shrieks. I've tried using the footrest, not using the footrest, knitting, not knitting, reading, watching TV ... nope. I'm sure part of the problem is that I'm a different shape from Ruth, and not as tall, so I'm inclined to slide. But still - "UR DOIN IT RONG!"
No, I don't know either.

Today she has been also disgusted that I didn't have steak, I had smoked haddock risotto, and didn't offer her any, and Felix Tuna flavour cat food with dentibits is no fit substitute. Hard cheddar, Smokey, my lass. She'll get a few more bits of *whisper* Thrive if she comes and asks nicely.

In other Far East news, I arrived this morning, dumped my bags, got my breath back, set the laptop up (for some arcane reason it had forgotten this wifi - probably something to do with the software upgrade earlier this year...), had coffee & a snack, and then went out to Westfield. I returned, somewhat knackered from stairs and a bit infuriated that the signs direct you to Central Line - Eastbound, and not till you GET there do they say 'step-free access via the other corridor' by which time you'd have to turn round and walk twice as far as you already have. So I struggled slowly up the steps, and by the time I'd got down the ones at Leytonstone, my knees were killing me. Also now my right ankle is sulking. However, I got what I went for - another backpack from Claire's, this time in plain beige fabric, a slightly different construction; it's got a stiffened top opening with free ends to the zip, and the front pocket is a full U-shaped opening rather than just a rounded-corner straight-across; also, no detachable pocket inside, just a padded internal pocket. £15, reduced from £35, which is OK. I've transferred everything over, and as far as I can tell, all the pockets are a bit larger, which is good - means I may be able to fit three knitting projects in instead of two! Also I got a bag of soft brown sugar, which is what I like on my morning cereal - I'd been meaning to bring a small jar of it from home, but forgot. That's OK, I'll open this carefully, seal it back into a ziplock bag to go home next week, and it can go off the shopping list for a while longer.

(no subject)

Aug. 17th, 2017 10:37 am
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Things have completely fallen apart with my sister, mostly but not completely on a personal level, but *I'm* going to be okay. She wanted to push me into this particular assisted living place before I could even sleep on it so she could go home to Texas next week, but it's not the right place for me. Granted, I'm way too agitated to be making decisions like this right now, but I at least need to talk to my palliative care specialist to see what I'm *capable* of before I make a decision like this.

I have a guardianship service holding things together for me and getting me to appointments, etc., who will help me settle somewhere better, and, thank gods and my parents, the money to pay them. After this experience, I'm pretty much abjectly terrified of asking for volunteer help because it would have be to be iron-clad reliable and the "I can help" would have to come attached to, "I will not wait until you tell me what I can do -- instead, I can see you need this and I will come do it at thus and such a time and place -- is that soon enough?" I know that's not possible, so don't offer and that's okay. I know that sort of thing is an unreasonable request, especially when made by someone who's always prided herself on her independence and really doesn't know how to draw on friends in a reasonable way in a time like this.

I'll update as I'm able, so please don't ask. And this *is* just an update. The overwhelming sympathy is lovely, but it *is* getting overwhelming [wry g]. I mostly just need to write this out.

This and That

Aug. 17th, 2017 10:18 am
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It has been a very low energy week. I'm on "jury duty" which means I have to call in at 4:30 every day to see if I need to report the next day.  I can't work (no way to -get- a one day job with no notice), so have been taking it easy.
Tazlina's paw is healing and she is beginning to actually walk on it a bit.  I've gone through two rolls of vet-wrap trying to keep a bandage on it.  The paw is currently encased in vetwrap and athletic tape. 
My hip is still comprehensively bruised and sore.  Everything else is healing well.

Got a new extension ladder yesterday so I can finish power washing the shed.  The old one was about 4 feet too short.  Saturday should be wash day.  Need to find some plastic sheeting so I can wash the back steps and not splash the neighbours freshly painted house.

Cooked up some Dragon Tongue beans, oh, my are they tasty!

Ate the first apple from the tree here in SF.  Yum.  We are also getting ripe raspberries.  The blueberries are done producing for this year, but the bushes are very happy.

Vacuumed out the car yesterday and checked all the fluids. 

Looked at plans for making "bee houses".  Some of our 1,600 kinds of bees in California like to nest in the right size hole.  Drilling holes in a chunk of scrap lumber forms a nice home.  I think I'll make a couple.

Ok, time to go pick up the house, it's a mess.

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Aug. 17th, 2017 11:48 am
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Back from Noank, which was nice, and Falmouth, which was quite nice. I helped Dad with the maintenance on the generator battery (meaning he told me how to do it, and I did it), and helped Grammie with crossword puzzles (she's 95 and doesn't care much about pop culture) and rooting for the Red Sox and fetching things for her if she didn't feel like getting up again right after she had sat down.

I spent large chunks of yesterday at the beach, and had the unheard-of privilege of having the entire beach to myself all morning. And it was low tide, besides, so I went swimming even though I know better than that. Generally, thou shalt not go swimming unless there's somebody else on the beach. The water only came up to my hips, though, and there aren't any worrisome currents. I went swimming properly in the afternoon when the tide was high and I had company. And I stepped on a rock underwater and cut up the sole of my right foot some, but that's the sort of thing that happens. At least I didn't turn myself into an entirely crispy critter in two hours, like last time.

And I am still on vacation, and there are only three things on my List of Things to be Up To between now and the end of the 27th. (And two medical appointments, but I can get Up To things after those because they're both in the morning on two different days.) Today is a day for making friends with the Hairy Beasts again, since I've been gone for four days and they're not quite sure I am who I say I am, yet.

WIP Wednesday

Aug. 16th, 2017 11:53 pm
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Slowly chipping away at Project Superhero-Crotch. This is the second time I've started this pattern - the first time I just...approached it wrong? And the errors just stacked up until it became too frustrating to work on. Luckily [personal profile] milesy gave me some tips (since it's their pattern), so I took another stab at it, starting with the largest chunks of color (grey, there is so much fucking grey in this).

Anyway, I'll be working on the grey for a while yet...

(no subject)

Aug. 16th, 2017 09:17 pm
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I really did mean to post more!

Anyways things that have happened: Japan!

We went to Japan an it was amazing and awesome and I was entirely overwhelmed with how pretty everything was. We ate a tonne of food, all our tours had lunch packages and most of them were traditional style Japanese lunches, which were mostly delicious, although some of the textures weren't my favorites.

We had excellent luck with weather, despite it being rainy season and generally grey. As seen in the photos below the weather was perfect for our Mt Fuji day.

On the whole, I was really glad we did the tour, we got to see more than we ever would have on our own, and it was nice to not have to worry about getting around or missing something, or being inadvertently rude.

Next time we go back (and we want to go back) we'll do our own thing though.

A small selection of pretty photos behind the cut! )

onward and sideways

Aug. 15th, 2017 09:39 pm
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Looks like -- if my unexpectedly badass sister can keep forcing my HMO and my assisted living place to accept the same pieces of the medical paper, whcih she seems to be pulling off against all odds -- and if I can get the movers to cooperate in a timely manner -- I should be settled in anotehr couple of weeks. No address yet.
I know where I'll be, just not in what apartment yet.

Also, sorry about the typpos. Med adjustments still in progress.

I like the new place. Not enough spoons to discuss it in any detail, sorry, so please don't ask.

Continued good thoughts accepted if that's okay.

Dear femslashex author

Aug. 16th, 2017 10:54 am
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It's the time of year for [community profile] femslashex! I've asked for either fic or art on all of my prompts and would be thrilled with either. All but one of my requests are canons with a visual component, but (as a long-time comics fan!) I'm very happy with different interpretations of the characters so don't feel tied down to their literal canon appearances if there's something different you want to do. The same goes for fic - while obviously I enjoy the tone of each canon, if you want to write something at odds with it, or from a different POV or using original characters to explore the canon pairings, that's all good too.

General likes: plot, women working together against common enemies, non-mundane AUs (coffee shop in space yes, coffee shop in modern day Earth no)

General dislikes: rape/non-con, non-canon character deaths, adult/teen or adult/child sexual interaction, mindless zombies, apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic AUs, character or pairing bashing

I've tried to put several prompts for each of the fandoms and a general idea of what I like about them, but if you want to do something else completely, please do! These are just suggestions.


American Gods (TV) )

Crossover - Denise Bryson (Twin Peaks)/Dana Scully (The X-Files) )

Marvel 616 )

Murder Most Unladylike Series - Robyn Stevens )

Recent Reading

Aug. 15th, 2017 02:45 pm
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Note: some potentially spoilery reviews, but mostly for books that are decades old...

Some rather abbreviated reviews of books I've finished reading in the last few weeks (some of these have been on the 'in progress' pile for some time -- one of them nearly 2 years, I think). For some reason, some of my reviews (I'm mostly paraphrasing longer reviews posted in Goodreads) have completely ignored the details of the stories, and just looked at my response to them.

In no particular order:

Beyond the Labyrinth by Gillian Rubenstein. What starts out as an all too tedious story of sibling rivalry and uncomfortable family dynamics into which an additional teenager is dropped becomes a gripping commentary on the paranoia of the 1980s and the nature of reality, all wrapped in a time travel and first contact narrative. 5/5

Dark Labyrinth by Lawrence Durrell. I picked this one up at the second hand bookshop, because I was aware of Durrell from reading his brother's semi-autobiographical stories, but didn't know anything more. I found this story of rather random characters who meet on a cruise and then end up in a Greek cave system/labyrinth uninteresting, and it was hard to motivate myself to keep reading. Having said that, it is well written, with a host of interesting characters. It just wasn't for me. [The copy of this book is free to a good home; happy to pay postage for someone who actually likes Durrell's writing] 3/5

Jackalope Wives by Ursula Vernon (novelette? short story?) An interesting take on the trope of animals shedding their outer skins to show beautiful young women underneath. I particularly loved the old woman character that holds the story together, and her rugged practicality. 4/5

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater [book 1, 'The Raven Cycle']. I love the way Stiefvater has woven together the various threads of this story, the subtle way that things are worked towards and foreshadowed. I also was fascinated that such a small section of the story was resolved - some of the details that I expected to be central to the plot are possibly going to be relevant to the later books, which makes me hopeful that the next book will be as strong. 5/5

Giant Trouble by Ursula Vernon [book 4, 'Hamster Princess'] I am particularly fond of the Harriet Hamster series, and this story did not disappoint in any way. The quirky extra details are often the things that really make the stories for me -- the rescue of the harp/hamster hybrid character who is all about the heavy rock/metal music, and the basic genderqueer nature of battle quails are the ones that come to mind here. As with the previous three books, fairy tales aimed squarely at pre-teen girls which are about heroism without the requisite romance sub-plot are a delight to read, and I'm so happy that Vernon is continuing to write for this market.5/5

The Legend of the Phoenix Dragon by Brenton E McKenna [graphic novel](book 1, Ubby's Underdogs). This is an amazingly intricate story, with a wide cast of characters and multiple plots running together. I love the detail that the two 'competitions' between the rival gangs are narrated as if by a sports commentator -- it gives an added dimension to something that might otherwise come off as a rule-less brawl. Ends on quite the cliffhanger. 5/5

The Homeward Bounders by Diana Wynne Jones. This is a book that I very much loved as a kid, and rereading as an adult, I still find the plot (and the twists), the shout-outs to mythology, and the twisty nature of reality as presented in this story to be completely gripping. The characters were a little less interesting than I remember, but there is certainly an identifiable amount of diversity, which is somewhat atypical of (what I remember of) kids books of the time. The plot is detailed, the world-building spectacular (as one would expect from Jones), and the writing romps along at a great rate. 5/5

The Seventh Bride by T Kingfisher. Adored it. The ending is well suited to the fairy tale genre, with the sorcerer getting their comeuppance and most everyone getting their happily ever after. 5/5

Eight Days of Luke by Diana Wynne Jones. While this is one of my four (or so) favourite books written by Jones', I don't actually think it is one of her stronger ones. The worldbuilding, including the incorporation of Norse mythology, is good, but sometimes patchy. The characterisation is mostly fine, but sometimes a bit wooden. The writing is mostly smooth, but aspects of both the worldbuilding and the characterisation kept throwing me out of the story -- I was sometimes too busy wondering what it was that I was missing in a particular scene to actually read it properly the first time through, and thus ended up rereading multiple pages. 4/5

The Body at the Tower by Y S Lee (book 2, The Mary Quinn Mysteries). This is a great murder mystery aimed at late primary aged kids (or possibly older) set in Victorian London. Lee really knows her stuff with the feel and pacing of the story, although I found that there were sections that dragged a little. 4/5

Chorus dilemma

Aug. 14th, 2017 08:48 pm
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In addition to everything else going on in my life (migraines, fatigue issues still, having to find new roommate, my mom is moving and therefore stressier than normal, etc -- oh, and something church related, a committee that I am halfway through a theee year term on, has me going "nononono" like that one cat, so I'm having to figure out how to respect my reaction and boundaries there without being an asshole to the other committee members and-or drowning in guilt -- but that's another story), I have a dilemma re chorus.

There are two choirs I could sing with this coming year, and I don’t have energy to do both. (I don’t know for sure that I have energy for either, tbh.)

Choir A has good rehearsal times (twice a week 4-6), only three concerts a year (Dec, Mar, June), performs at the Mondavi Center, and is free ... but the repertoire for this year is uninspired and dreary, the director is close to retirement and so doesn't have many fucks left to give and therefore isn’t as good as he used to be, and honestly the group hasn’t really been fun to sing with the last few years.

Choir B has an awesome director, and the planned repertoire for the year is amazing (including the mozart requiem, which is practically a must-sing for me) ... but it meets 7-9:30 (only once a week, but I’ve been going to bed at like 8), it’s $65 a semester, I don’t like the rehearsal location, December is crazy with concerts, and there’s an obligatory citrus sale drive every year (like Girl Scout cookie sales but eat less cute or yummy).

Some of these are bigger issues than others (e.g. I can probably get my dad to cover the cost* for choir B), but.

I don’t know what to do.

...What would be ideal is for choir B’s director to come do choir B’s repertoire with choir A, but that’s not possible.

I also don't know how much of my fatigue issues are self-creating. Not just because my Inner Critic likes calling me lazy, but because I've gotten out of the habit of Doing Things, and I'm enough of an introvert that socializing is kind of a mental muscle. It's like when you have the flu and sleep for a week and then spend a while super weak and wobbly because your body got out of the habit of doing.


* footnote thingie, not related to choir: I've been doing reiki, which is sort of an energy manipulation not-quite-massage thing that I'm working on a post about, and I'm doing extra reiki during the roommate transition thing -- whether or not it's "real", it really does help me with stress. I'm doing it through the church, which has scholarship funds for people who want reiki but can't afford it, so I asked and got way more of a discount than I was expecting. Except my mom -- who doesn't even know how much of it I'm scholarshipping, just that I'm getting some scholarship help -- thinks that my dad can damn well afford reiki, and has this way of, like, guilting me *and* being snide about my dad st the same time. And on the one hand I do kind of see her point -- though my dad would probably be skeptical as all get-out at reiki as a concept, much less spending money on it, so I don't want to ask him, and really I'm getting Charity regardless of whether it's my dad or the church, and I think the church people like helping me -- but omfg I wish I knew how to tell her to NOT DO THAT AUGH WTF

Though a bigger priority is getting her to stop making snarky comments about how chubby nephling is. He's a fucking baby, chubby is *good*, he does not need to "slim down" ffs. ::rageface::

Aug. 14th, 2017 09:38 pm
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The wife and I are going to the Cubs/Reds game on Wednesday. It's my first time going to a real life baseball game, so that's going to be fun. \o/