Jun. 27th, 2017 07:42 pm
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Если вы - трансцедентирующий иерофант и постигли природу бурь, суть вещей и тщетность текущего потока, то советую насладиться этим видео, первыми двумя минутками:

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Jun. 27th, 2017 11:50 am
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Oog. I seem to have picked the worst two days this week to be at home (Thursday and Friday; supposed to be HUMID again). But I was also told not to come to work on July 3, because my boss doesn't know why the school isn't closed in the first place. (Because it's a Monday and the second year students want all the clinic time they can get. And because it's summer and nobody thought of it.)

I can't quite recite the entirety of Standard 2 yet, but I've just been through it for at least the fourth time this month, and I'm sick of it. I have to go back through it a fifth time and sort out the syntax in about 35 Pathways to Competency sections, and a sixth time to make sure all the course numbers are both correct and included where they should be. And probably a couple more times as I run across other things that have to be consistent through 300 pages and most likely aren't.

As a break from Standard 2, I wrote the third draft of the Scope of General Dentistry statement, because the second draft (which I didn't write) was a single impenetrable sentence. I wrote the first draft too. (Just don't ask me why I, as Curriculum Coordinator, wrote the Scope of General Dentistry statement. It belongs to Clinical Affairs, but nobody in Clinical Affairs was going to admit they should be writing it, and my boss asked me to, that's why.)

Tomorrow is Lily's eleventh birthday, according to the vet records she came to me with. I hope she doesn't end up getting more dental surgery as a birthday present on Thursday, but I only hope so because it wouldn't be any fun for her. I can afford it, and if it needs doing so she can eat happily, it needs doing. Quality of life is important.

I wish I knew what to do about my own quality of life, because my life is accreditation so much that I dream about work more often than not these days. I'm almost afraid to try drinking alcohol at bedtime, because if it works, I don't want to need to drink before bed.
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Телега не моя, я честно говоря думаю, что всё было немножко не так, по идея изложенного ниже верная.

Всё это выглядит нелепо и даже фантастически, если предположить, что за приведённым списком "случайных совпадений", подарками Брежневу и уступками со стороны США ровным счётом ничего нет. На самом деле мы имеем дело со списком улик, доказывающих, что США добросовестно ОПЛАТИЛИ услугу, оказанную Советским Союзом и лично товарищем генеральным секретарём. При этом с полной уверенностью можно утверждать, что, в случае отказа генсека сотрудничать с США, не было бы никаких "лунных миссий", поскольку СССР обладал всеми возможностями для разоблачения лунных афер и без его поддержки никто, находясь в здравом уме и доброй памяти, не решился бы на подобную беспрецедентную фальсификацию.
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В продолжение темы про памятную доску Сталину в МГЮА и истерику Резника.

В знак протеста против установки памятной доски Иосифу Сталину Резник покинул МГЮА, в руководстве Академии заявили, что не очень то им Резник был нужен.
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Jun. 27th, 2017 11:26 am
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One of my dreams last night involved me talking about how some German communities -- particularly the were-shifters -- came over to America to escape persecution, and brought their traditions with them.

Traditions like Thanksgiving meal (turkey and potatoes in particular).

And all this was happening around 1066.

::eyes brain in amusement::

Ukiah Picture heavy

Jun. 27th, 2017 10:58 am
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Sunday (night before last) I had a little 5 hour job in a hotel.  It went well.  Was fun to come out of that job and walk past part of the Gay Pride Parade. Very colourful. 

Around 3pm the dog and I headed for Ukiah.  Read more... )
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Коротко про истерику Резника.

Вице-президент Федеральной палаты адвокатов Генри Резник обещал выйти из профессуры в Московской государственной юридической академии из-за появившейся в здании мемориальной доски с именем Иосифа Сталина. Об этом адвокат написал в своем блоге на «Эхе Москвы». По словам Резника, в центральной аудитории МГЮА появилась мраморная доска с тиснением «Здесь выступал в июне 1924 года после XIII съезда РКП Иосиф Виссарионович Сталин». Он отметил, что табличка не новая, раньше она висела на здании Высшей партийной школы, а затем «более полувека пылилась демонтированная после разоблачения преступлений Сталина на XX и XXII съездах КПСС».

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Japan day 1 (version 2)!

Jun. 27th, 2017 10:01 am
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Well, we're in Tokyo! The travel agent is looking to reschedule our missed tour to one of our free days, and I'd the airport shuttle gets through traffic quick enough we might just be able to get to out thing tonight. Which is looking less and less likely. Which is too bad, but we'll see what we can adjust :)
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Okay, so, uh. Most of you know that I have a condition called FOP -- Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. For anyone who doesn't: it’s a really fucking rare medical condition where the body creates bone in and around muscles and tendons, progressively immobilizing the body into a human statue. It is incurable and untreatable.

This is a highly relevant video:

The 11-year-old in that video, Erin, got sick in April with basically the common cold, but it landed her in ICU. Between the severe scoliosis that FOP causes (I have way milder curvature because I was older when I started losing mobility, 10 instead of Erin’s 3, and my progression was slower) and the bone locking up her rib cage and taking up space in her chest, her airway is severely compromised. She was intubated as a last-resort measure for keeping her alive.

For the last two months, she’s been bouncing between ICU and “regular” hospital. About a week ago, her parents and doctors were discussing long term care options -- either BiPAP and hope like hell she never gets sick again, or a permanent tracheotomy. The trach procedure, complicated by the restrictions of FOP, would have her in the hospital until at least September and probably longer.

Four hours ago, she stopped breathing.

She has been successfully (re-)intubated, but... it’s bad and scary and so fucking not fair she’s a fucking *kid*, she isn't even 12 yet, she shouldn't be in the fucking *hospital* for *months*, let alone almost fucking *dying*.

(and if I’m being honest, this is fucking scaring me, not just on her behalf. My airway isn’t as bad, but this could be in my future too, and in another universe it could have been my path.)

So. Please, if you pray or send positive vibes or whatever, please send some to Erin and her family.

(She also loves postcards -- address is here -- but mainly I just want positive energy out in the universe for her.)


Jun. 26th, 2017 03:19 pm
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So. I got some interesting (in the Chinese sense) medical results today. I'm not going to get more specific than that, but I could sure use all the positive thoughts, etc., that anyone would like to send this direction.

I won't know more until tomorrow afternoon, and even more until a week from today. After that, things are not going to be pretty for a while. The worst case scenario is pretty remote, but what's possible is also a pretty bad worst case. And what caused me to write this was the worst case scenario resulting from the tests I just had run last week.

Not happy, Jan, to quote my Australian friends.

fortune seems to be with me today...

Jun. 26th, 2017 05:01 pm
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I woke up feeling much improved, thank goodness. I finished carrying the stuff in from my car this morning before heading off to see Wonder Woman.

It was GREAT. Moved me to tears at several points. So well done all around in a number of ways, and I really hope this movie's success will lead to more female-led movies of its ilk.

...and as I was getting ready to leave the theater I realized I'd left my keys in my car. My unlocked car. And the keys were still in the ignition. *facepalm* That's the second time within a year I've done it. Fortunately my car has remained unmolested both times, but I'm going to try not to push my luck again.

Fandom post

Jun. 26th, 2017 12:49 pm
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Animated Movies/Shorts

Big Hero 6 (8/10) → I am forever bitter about Tadashi. I thought Disney wouldn't be able to manipulate my feelings but I was wrong.

Moana (9/10) → The only thing I didn't like was that long-ass Shiny song. Lowkey wish it'd been traditionally animated but *shrug* what can you do.


Samurai Jack S05 (9/10)Things I didn't like. Spoilers. )

That being said, I very much enjoyed S05 overall. I was worried about the ending—after making people wait so long for it, it felt like one of those things where nothing would be good enough. But the bittersweet final scene felt right, though I think the show would've benefited more from 2-3 more episodes because the final battle/s felt rushed.

Vacation Time!

Jun. 25th, 2017 10:23 pm
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Having a lovely vacation and looking at top quality artworks is going to help me clear some junk out of my apartment I think when I get back. Yesterday the places I ended up eating at were only okay, but today they were fantastic. I also had some wonderful ice cream for dessert. Peach, Brandy and fresh ginger. crisp and perfect for the walk back to my hotel.

Japan day 1. except not

Jun. 26th, 2017 02:48 am
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So due to weather we didn't get to Toronto and thus didn't get in the plane to Tokyo. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. We're on flights for tomorrow, but they're all calling for thunderstorms so we'll see. If we're also cancelled tomorrow I'm going to cry.

on overdoing it

Jun. 25th, 2017 08:40 pm
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Yesterday, Bro and I packed the first u-box of mom's stuff for her move. It's a smaller box than you get from the PODS people, but we jammed that sucker full from floor to ceiling and it didn't take as long as I might have expected. We also moved the wood from her disassembled deck from the back of the house to the side of the house, and found a baby/young possum in the process! So cute, and so terrified. Poor thing.

The new medication seemed to work great, and as a result I managed to severely overdo it yesterday. Oops. Also, so many bruises. Those aren't terribly painful, but just annoying, especially since I keep finding more of them.

I woke up for the first time between 1 and 2 a.m., and let's just say it wasn't a restful night after that despite clinging to a heating pad. Not only am I sore from lifting, carrying, climbing, packing, I also started my period, which has amped up the midsection pain to the degree that I haven't eaten much today because I'm so nauseated. (Feeling nauseated rather than--or in addition to--aching/hurting in the area that's hurting seems to be becoming my norm. Hrm.)

Once I got up and moving this morning, I managed okay through the few things Mom wanted to do today, but screwing myself up to that point did involve some tears.

I wish I'd thought to ask my doctor what else I can take with the new med, since my usual mainstay is ibuprofen and the internet seems to agree you shouldn't take multiple NSAIDs concurrently. :-\

And to top it all off, I'm running a bit of a fever, probably because my body is going WTF?!?! right now. Sigh. There's still stuff in my car that I need to unload, but that's not happening today. I do have a little bit of sense... sometimes... ;-)

Fortunately, I'm not going to work tomorrow. My boss persuaded me to take the day since I still have way too many hours of time off left for the fiscal year, but honestly if I still feel like this tomorrow I may end up submitting it as sick time instead. I was kinda hoping/planning to go see Wonder Woman, though... but that decision will have to be made in the morning.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Jun. 25th, 2017 08:21 pm
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Ursula Le Guin non-fiction book )

Logan )

My Mom took Tanya for the weekend - they left on Friday early morning and will be back tomorrow (Monday) around noon - so Bear and I had a weekend to ourselves (and the baby), which felt very luxurious. Bear took Tanya to his parents last Sunday but this time both of us were home and could actually spend time together.

It's funny, when we just had Tanya, it was just us and the baby but it felt like a lot. Now, with just Olivia but no almost 3 year old around, it feels like freedom. Olivia is a demanding baby right now, she wants to be held all the time (gas and reflux, poor baby) and she cries a lot ( more like screams) but it still feel easier with just one kid around. Bear and I went for a walk, taking Olivia in her stroller. We stopped by a bakery to get some treats too, sat in the courtyard. Had lunch and dinner together. Watched a movie while Olivia napped on me. And that was just Saturday. So very nice weekend for us. When Tanya is home, she usually wants to play with Bear and we don't have lots of time to meaningfully interact. So nice break. I do miss her though, even her demanding energy.

Last LJ Post?

Jun. 25th, 2017 01:55 pm
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Hey, just a heads-up: This is could maybe be the last post I crosspost to LJ...?

Just realized that since I took all the LJ/Open ID people off my DW list (to simplify things, or so I thought), you all can't see my photos, soooo...

Still not sure whether to delete my LJ account, or just leave it.

I want to be all nonchalant like, "welp, you know where to find me!" But really, there are some of you whom I don't want to leave behind! Please, come join me on DW!


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Jun. 25th, 2017 02:47 pm
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Last week was not very much fun for anybody in my household. The week before last was not very much fun for me. However, the universe seems to have taken notice, because yesterday I wandered into the basement at Brookline Booksmith and came up with six first edition Pogo books I didn't own already (Uncle Pogo's So-so Stories, Deck Us All With Boston Charlie, A Pogo Panorama, Prehysterical Pogo, Pogo Reruns, and We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us. I left Pogo's Will Be That Was and two copies of Pogo's Double Sundae there, because I've owned those for years now.) And then I wandered off to get my hairs cut, and met one of the faculty members there getting his hairs cut too. I wasn't quite in the right frame of mind to have my personal and professional worlds collide like that, so I sort of floundered.

I did get my $20 back on Friday. Also on Friday I had cause to be glad I wasn't drinking anything when the faculty member from Barcelona was in our side of the office talking about class pets, because when he said "hamster", he sounded EXACTLY like Manuel from Fawlty Towers. That would have been an interesting choking fit to have to explain.

Anyway, I survived work on Friday (just barely; I am now responsible for making sure Standard 2 lists all the correct appendices, exhibits and tables, and that we know we need all of them) and tottered off to a massage appointment. OW. Both hips, my right ribcage and my left shoulder were all so tight that they itched when they let go, and that was the first time I've ever been asked if we could skip working on my legs because my back wouldn't have been sorted out in time. The itchy places finally got around to being sore yesterday evening, after I went grocery shopping and cat-supply shopping (Wellness Core cat food is on my List for the Minister of Convenience now; they changed the design of their bags so I had to hunt for the right kind of food, and they put less food in the new bags, but they haven't changed the price).

Earlier this month I woke up with a craving for Sally Lunn bread, but I couldn't find the recipe I know I had somewhere. So I had to ask Mom to send it to me, and then I had to go buy butter and milk and eggs (the only one of those I keep around is eggs, and I generally hard-boil them), and then it got HUMID, which isn't great bread-rising weather, and the upshot is I haven't actually made the bread yet. I should do it today so I can bring it to work tomorrow and not have it sitting around here.

If I'm really being smart, I should make coffee today so I can refrigerate it overnight and have iced coffee for breakfast tomorrow.

Summer Friending Meme!

Jun. 24th, 2017 11:54 pm
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I'm back at home now, and I have lots to say, but I don't have much energy right at the moment! Very happy to be home though! I'll have lots of words and pictures next time!

But for now, a Summer friending meme:

I could use a bit more activity on my Reading Page! Thinking about maybe even posting to [community profile] 2017revival and/or [community profile] addme, depending on how the above meme works out for me! I just get a little anxious about putting myself out there these days...